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Originals collection

(Click on the picture! Pictures show 5m2 surface of cork floor.)

Wicanders Accent parafa padlóWicanders Character parafa padlóWicanders Dawn parafa padló

 Accent cork floor (photo=5m2)              Character cork floor (photo=5m2)        Dawn cork floor (photo=5m2)


Wicanders Harmony parafa padlóWicanders Natural parafa padlóWicanders Shell parafa padló

 Harmony cork floor (photo=5m2)           Natural cork floor (photo=5m2)            Shell cork floor (photo=5m2)


Wicanders Rhapsody parafa padlóWicanders Symphony parafa padló

 Rhapsody cork floor (photo=5m2)         Symphony cork floor (photo=5m2)


Identity collection


(Click on the picture! Pictures show 5m2 surface of cork floor.)

Wicanders Identity Moonlight parafa padlóWicanders Identity Timide parafa padlóWicanders Identity Silver parafa padló

  Id. Moonlight cork floor (photo=5m2)     Id. Timide cork floor (photo=5m2)         Id. Silver cork floor (photo=5m2)


Wicanders Identity Champagne parafa padlóWicanders Identity Eden parafa padlóWicanders Identity Spice parafa padló

 Id. Champagne cork floor (photo=5m2)  Id. Eden cork floor (photo=5m2)           Id. Spice cork floor (photo=5m2)


Wicanders Identity Tea parafa padlóWicanders Identity Cool Crimson parafa padlóWicanders Identity Secrets parafa padló

  Id. Tea cork floor (photo=5m2)          Id. Cool Crimson cork floor (photo=5m2)  Id.Secrets cork floor (photo=5m2)


 Wicanders Identity Nightshade parafa padlóWicanders Identity Chesnut parafa padló

 Id.Nightshade cork floor (photo=5m2)     Id. Chesnut cork floor (photo=5m2)


 Personality collection

(Click on the picture! Pictures show 5m2 surface of cork floor.)

 Wicanders Personality Moonlight parafa padlóWicanders Personality Timide parafa padlóWicanders Personality Champagne parafa padló

  Pe. Moonlight cork floor (photo=5m2)     Pe. Timide cork floor (photo=5m2)        Pe. Champagne cork floor (photo=5m2)


Wicanders Personality Eden parafa padlóWicanders Personality Spice parafa padlóWicanders Personality Tea parafa padló

  Pe. Eden cork floor (photo=5m2)          Pe. Spice cork floor (photo=5m2)         Pe. Tea cork floor (photo=5m2)

 Wicanders Personality Chesnut parafa padlóWicanders Personality Caramel parafa padló

  Pe. Chesnut cork floor (photo=5m2)      Pe. Caramel cork floor (photo=5m2)


New CorkComfort collection

(Click on the picture! Pictures show 5m2 surface of cork floor.)

Wicanders Corkcomfort Linn Blush parafa padlóWicanders Corkcomfort Linn Cioccolato parafa padlóWicanders Corkcomfort Linn Moon parafa padló Wicanders Corkcomfort Linn Sepia parafa padló

Linn Blush (photo=5m2)       Linn Cioccolato (photo=5m2) Linn Moon (photo=5m2)        Linn Sepia (photo=5m2)


Wicanders Corkcomfort Nuances Latte parafa padlóWicanders Corkcomfort Nuances Castagna parafa padlóWicanders Corkcomfort Nuances Mele parafa padló

Nuances Latte (photo=5m2) Nuances Castagna (photo=5m2)  Nuances Mele (photo=5m2)                                     

Wicanders Corkcomfort Pebbles Autumn parafa padlóWicanders Corkcomfort Pebbles Fog parafa padlóWicanders Corkcomfort Pebbles Metalic parafa padló

Pebbles Autumn (photo=5m2)  Pebbles Fog (photo=5m2)  Pebbles Metalic (photo=5m2)

Pebbels Rain parafa burkolat

Pebbles Rain (photo=5m2)

Wicanders Corkcomfort Pebbles Strom parafa padló Wicanders Corkcomfort Petra Copper parafa padlóWicanders Corkcomfort Petra Negro parafa padló

Pebbles Strom (photo=5m2)     Petra Copper (photo=5m2)     Petra Negro (photo=5m2)

Wicanders Corkcomfort Petra Taube parafa padló

Petra Taupe (photo=5m2)

 Wicanders Corkcomfort Scoria Burgundy parafa padlóWicanders Corkcomfort Scoria Merlot parafa padlóWicanders Corkcomfort Scoria Pine parafa padló

Scoria Burgundy (photo=5m2)   Scoria Merlot (photo=5m2)     Scoria Pine (photo=5m2)

Wicanders Corkcomfort Scoria Twilight parafa padló

Scoria Twilight (photo=5m2)

Wicanders Corkcomfort Slate Algae parafa padlóWicanders Corkcomfort Slate Artic parafa padlóWicanders Corkcomfort Slate Caffe parafa padló

Slate Algae (photo=5m2))       Slate Arctic (photo=5m2)       Slate Caffe (photo=5m2)

Wicanders Corkcomfort Slate Eclipse parafa padlóWicanders Corkcomfort Slate Moccacciono parafa padlóWicanders Corkcomfort Slate Olive parafa padló

Slate Eclipse (photo=5m2)     Slate Moccaccino (photo=5m2) Slate Olive (photo=5m2)

Wicanders Corkcomfort Slate Tawny parafa padló

 Slate Tawny (photo=5m2)


Wicanders glue-down cork parquets

The 4 and 6 mm thick cork sheets are available in different veneers, untreatment (nature) or varnished forms as well as in different colours. General dimension is 600x300 mm but may find in 300x300 mm and in 295x295 mm sizes too.
Before the installation the subfloor must be levelled and dry. The glue-down cork parquet fits to everywhere in the apartment (hall, bedroom, children's room, living room, kitchen, bathroom, toilet). We recommend to install just the nature and prevarnished cork sheets in wet places and must varnish it with 2 or 3 coats. This process achieves an entire sealing on the cork surface that is most important at joints of cork floors. The installation needs specialized knowledge!
Wicanders cork floating floors
The 10,5 mm and 12 mm thick cork floating floors (LOC-system) are available in different veneers and colours, WRT or HPS surface treatments. General dimensions are 905x295 mm and 605x445 mm. At the installation process do not use glue just click the panels with each other. The ceramic varnish (WRT) version is principally good for residential usage (hall, bedroom, children's room, living room), the HPS version is good for harder usage like commercial areas. Their big benefits are to instal easily and fit together perfectly and they are installable on extant ceramic, parquet and PVC too.





Download here the Wicanders cork parquet brochure: